Pastoral and tutorial notes

Materials for use with students

The tutoral or pastoral programme is an important area for the delivery of the Prevent duty but it is also important that all staff are aware of their role in preventing radicalisation and extremism and promoting British values. 

Kirklees College: Overview of Progress Coach/ Tutorial Schedule  and Vision, Belief and Goals

We will Inspire website - a website set up by women to explore the roles of Muslim women in Britain. This includes a powerful video of young Muslim men's views of people going out to join extremists in Syria.

We will Inspire also have a very powerful letter addressed to young Muslim women who are thinking of joining ISIS A letter to young Muslim girls if you are considering leaving the uk to join ISIS.

Counter Narrative Leaflet – What does Islam really say? A leaflet developed by a group of Mosques and Muslim scholars in Cardiff which explains what Islam really says about the abiding by the laws of the land, blasphemy, moderation and extremism.

Ḥaqīqāh has bought together senior Islamic Scholars from Britain to provide scholarly contributions focused specifically on educating young Muslims about the reality of extremist movements. This may be of interest to students or to practitioners. Haqiqah - What is the truth behind ISIS?

Camden Council British Values poster. A poster developed by Camden Council for adult learners to explain British Values. This could be used for all age groups.

How social media is used to encourage travel to Syria and Iraq, a document produced by the Home Office as guidance to school and parents on the use of social media by Syrian extremist groups

A poster developed in consultation with students in London to raise awareness of the impact of extremism on families and friends

Safer giving

Safer Giving Website

Leaflet setting out safer giving advice for Syria in English also available in other languages at the Safer Giving Website

Safer giving poster in English also available in other languages at the Safer Giving Website

Lesson plans and tutorial activities

Kirklees College :Overview of Progress Coach/ Tutorial Schedule and Vision, Belief and Goals

Kingston Maurwood land based college

Extremism Tutorial Scenario with Extremism Tutorial Powerpoint

These tutorial materials were developed by Kingston Maurwood College in Dorset

Redbridge Adult Education Institute materials designed for use with adult students but some can be used with younger students

Critical Thinking and Prevent for Level 3 students. Please note that this resource was developed for sessions in London and that it has a London focus. The video of an activist may be controversial and needs to be understood in the context of the lesson plan as set out. Individual tutors should decide if this is suitable for their tutorial group.

Internet safety session Level 3 which deals with safe navigation of the internet. This is aimed at Level 3 students.

    Conspiracy theories

    Level 3 Study of the Moonlanding conspiracy using critical thinking skills. This can introduce level 3 students to a critical approach to claims which are presented at factually based. These skills can then be used in relation to other claims.

    The Moonlanding conspiracy theory with images and video links using critical thinking skills to analyse the moonlanding conspiracy claims

    The Moonlanding conspiracy theory word document and charts. These are to prtint out for the class. The document contains charts to consider the evidence for and against the conspriacy theory and it supports students in making a final judgement of their own


    All videos must be viewed in advance by the member of staff delivering a session.

    GOT ( Getting On Together) resources to challenge extremism developed in Cardiff and applicable across the country. 

    (A) Fully resourced teaching programme comprising:

    1. Lesson outline/overview
    2. Detailed line by line delivery notes with best practice advice
    3. Accompanying resources
    4. Downloadable DVD with three episodes

    Digital Disruption: Digital Disruption is a specialist education project that develops and distributes the tools and training to improve young people’s critical digital judgement skills. Digital judgement combines ‘traditional’ critical thinking skills, such as source verification, with ‘new’ knowledge about how the digital world works, such as understanding search engines and YouTube.

    A series of short videos setting out propaganda techniquess which are used to influence the public:

    • Propaganda techniques: A series of videos showing a series of propaganda techniques
    • Evidence of Vampires video: A video which was made by Digital Disruption with young people in London. The film is fictional but convinced many young people that there were vampires in London; it went viral. This is an excellent way to demonstrate how propaganda can be effective but totally untrue. 

    The Free Initiative : A series of videos and a handbook to support providers in challenging right-wing extremism


    1. Far-right extremism - why should we be concerned?
    2. Far-right extremism - the human face
    3. Far-right extremism - policing the far-right
    4. Far-right extremism - we need exit programmes
    5. Far-right extremism - how to approach extremists
    6. Far-right extremism - speaking against prejudice
    7. Far-right extremism - empowering targeted communities
    8. Far-right extremism - online extremism

    Diary of a Badman:These materials have been developed by Hamza productions. This is one video in a series about a young Muslim man and moral issues he faces. This is a humorous series. It should be viewed in advance to decide if it is appropriate for your students. There are extensive notes to read before using the video.

    Pathways video: This video has been used widely. It presents the route to extremism for two young men, one in terms of extreme right activity and one in terms of Islamic extremism. There are facilitators notes which need to be read before using the video and resources for use with students.

    Families against Stress and Trauma:

    Video of families talking about family members who have gone to Syria and the impact at home

    Video on warning signs of radicalisation.  This video gives signs that families and friends might spot which could indicate radicalisation. The focus is on radicalisation by groups like Daesh who claim to be Muslim but the warning signs could apply to other forms of radicalisation eg for right wing extremism or animal rights extremism