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Government documents and materials including legislation

Other organisations

Getting on together countering extremism course. The full course materials including videos developed by the GOT team in Cardiff but applicable across bothe England and Wales. These resources explore extremism and encourage class discussion.

UNISON Prevent duty guidance for members: November 2015. UNISON member guidance on the Prevent duty

ATL Prevent duty guidance: 2015 guidance for ATL members 

UCU Prevent duty guidance: July 2015. This document sets out the UCU guidance to members on the Prevent duty.  

NUT Guidance for members: Understanding Prevent duty: 2015 guidance for NUT members

Connectfutures: is an independent social enterprise they have developed materials focused on cohesion and inclusion, extremism and exploitation

Extreme dialogue: This is a Canadian website but includes a video about two British extremists Adam and Billy

The Free Initiative: A website devoted to countering right wing extremism with a series of videos dealing with British and European right wing extremism.

FAST website, Families against Stress and Trauma: This website describes the distress caused to families by family members travelling to Syria. 

Prevent Tragedy website: A website to support parents in preventing young people from travelling to warzones

We will Inspire website - a website set up by women to explore the roles of Muslim women in Britain. This includes two powerful videos of young Muslim men's and women's views of people going out to join extremists in Syria

Lets talk about it website. Resources to support the Prevent duty

Stonewall provides support to counter homophobia in further education. This will support providers is promoting British values of tolerance and mutual respect.

The National Council for Faith and Beliefs in Further Educaion This is  a national independent inter-faith charity working with the learning and skills sector, faith and local communities and national and local faith/belief based groups. FBFE exists to support the further education sector to engage positively with faith and belief. 

All Faiths and None AFAN, is the website for an Inter-Faith/Belief Programme, with funding from LSC, then LSIS and now ETF, which offers resources for use in dialogues and group discussions in formal and informal settings, primarily for young people, in educational and community contextsAFAN works for mutual understanding, and against discrimination and intolerance on grounds of religion or belief at national and local levels.

The Quilliam Foundation -  is a counter-extremism think tank which deals with citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world.

Imans online – This organisation provides blogs and information about Islam in the UK.

Ḥaqīqāh has bought together senior Islamic Scholars from Britain to provide scholarly contributions focused specifically on educating young Muslims about the reality of extremist movements. This may be of interest to students or to practitioners. Haqiqah - What is the truth behind ISIS?

ICOCO: Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations based at Coventry University.

GOT project, Cardiff: GOT has developed teaching and CPD resources to use in school and post 16 settings. These have been developed for the Welsh education system but can also be used in England 

Inspection bodies across England and Wales