Guidance materials

Good practice guide : a brief guide to good practice for all providers

Online security and advice

The following focus on sexual grooming and bullying but many of messages apply to extremist grooming and exploitation:

Guidance notes for staff and their practice

Teachers, lecturers, trainers, tutors and assessors: A Prevent duty and British values guidance document for teachers, lecturers, tutors and assessors

Learning support teams: A Prevent duty and British values guidance document for learning support teams

Pastoral teams: A Prevent duty and British values guidance document for pastoral teams

Channel Guidance

Channel Panel Guidance:  The Home Office guide to the Channel panels and their operation

The Channel Programme and FE providers. A leaflet explaining the Channel and Prevent Programmes with a flowchart. This was developed in London and makes reference to London but the system is similar throughout the country.

External speaker guidance

Websites with guidance

FAST website, Families against Stress and Trauma: This website describes the distress caused to families. The website has links to video interviews with family members. It also has a list of signs of exploitation for families to look out for.

GOT project, Cardiff:

The Aims & objectives of the GOT Project are:

  • to counter intolerance and extremism through independent and critical thinking
  • to facilitate knowledge and understanding of the non-violent message of the Islamic faith
  • to reduce prejudice and discrimination between all cultures, faiths and creeds
  • to promote integrated and cohesive communities.

GOT have developed CPD and teaching resources to use in school and post 16 settings.


Challenging extremism through religion

Counter Narrative Leaflet – What does Islam really say? A leaflet developed by a broad group of mosques and Muslim scholars in Cardiff which explains what Islam really says about the abiding by the laws of the land, blasphemy, moderation and extremism.

Haqiqah:What is the Truth Behind ISIS Ḥaqīqāh has bought together senior Islamic Scholars from Britain to provide scholarly contributions focused specifically on educating young Muslims about the reality of extremist movements. This may be of interest to students or to practitioners. 

British values poster

A poster developed by Camden Council for adult learners to explain British Values. This could be used for all age groups