New material added June 2017

Side by Side: a free Prevent duty online module for learners click on the link or type in

Side by Side contains four modules

  • Radicalisation and extremism
  • Online safety
  • What can you trust?
  • British values

Learners can go through these modules independently on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. There is also a smart board or projectors version if staff wish to use these in class. There is a facilitator guide with advice and additional activities for use with groups or for use one to one. Learners can take the assessments at teh end of each module and if their pass the assessment they will get a downloadable certificate. If provider organisations want to track progress there is a tracking available. See the staff section of the website for further details.

ESOL materials

British values activities and worksheets, produced by Julie Bentley Consulting, for use with ESOL learners from E3 to Level 2.

Download the full pack.  The zip file contains an overview, plus individual zip folders with the material for E3, L1 and L2.

Download pack

British values - One nation

Produced by Steve Wright and Routes Puppets.  This is suitable for learners from Entry level to Level 3.

The resource is structured to focus on four key British Values in individual chapters.

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Liberty
  • Tolerance

The chapters start with basic discussions around each value and are intended to be interactive.

Download resource

Tutor Notes

British Values and Prevent Induction Activities for Post-16 Learners. A pack produced by Active Citizens for colleges. 

British Values and Prevent is a learning resource which further education and skills providers can use to give learners, ideally during their induction period, a good introductory understanding of British Values and the nature of extremism and radicalisation – an understanding they should build on further as they progress with their programmes. The materials are suitable for Level 3 learners

Download pack

Videos for use with apprentices

These videos and supporting booklet, produced by Bury College, have been created to help providers across all parts of the FE and training sector to fulfil their duty to comply with the Prevent duty in particular , making staff aware of their responsibilities and students' need to be aware of the dangers of extremism.  They provide engaging and stimulating materials for use by sector professionals with learners, particularly apprentices. The materials are suitable for use with learners from Entry level to Level 3.

Three different scenarios have been prepared, which introduce examples of the type of harm learners may be at risk from, including grooming, radicalisation and extremist views.

Note, these are very large files, each of 100MB and may take a while to download depending upon you connection speed.

Prevent Booklet


Curriculum guidance and materials

Curriculum Guidance: opportunities to integrate challenging extremism and British values a range of curriculum areas

Teaching materials

1. Level 2 activity. Benjamin Zephaniah poem The British (Serves 60 million) with a BBC video of young people reading the poem

2. ESOL Materials developed by Bradford College:

Ways to persuade us with images:

Community campaiging activity - exemplifying British values


Critical analysis and considering conspiracy theories

Digital Disruption: Digital Disruption is a specialist education project that develops and distributes the tools and training to improve young people’s critical digital judgement skills. Digital judgement combines ‘traditional’ critical thinking skills, such as source verification, with ‘new’ knowledge about how the digital world works, such as understanding search engines and YouTube.

3. A series of short videos setting out propaganda techniques which are used to influence the public:

4. A video which was made by Digital Disruption with young people in London. The film is fictional but convinced many young people that there were vampires in London; it went viral. This is an excellent way to demonstrate how propaganda can be effective but totally untrue. 

Conspiracy theories

5. Level 3 Study of the Moonlanding conspiracy using critical thinking skills. This can introduce level 3 students to a critical approach to claims which are presented at factually based. These skills can then be used in relation to other claims.

The Moonlanding conspiracy theory with images and video links using critical thinking skills to analyse the moonlanding conspiracy claims

The Moonlanding conspiracy theory word document and charts. These are to prtint out for the class. The document contains charts to consider the evidence for and against the conspriacy theory and it supports students in making a final judgement of their own