Useful resources

For teaching materials to support colleagues see Practitioner section.

Risk assessments and action plans

FE Prevent duty risk assessment document 2017 - A Prevent risk assessment and action plan suitable for all providers 

Prevent Risk Assessment Stoke on Trent College January 2015 - A sample Prevent risk assessment and action plan developed by a general FE college.

Sample of action plan from Redbridge Institute – ACL provision - A Prevent action plan developed by an adult and community institution.

Risk assessment for external speakers. An external speaker risk assessment document produced by City and Islington College, London.

Waltham Forest  Council External Speaker Protocol. An external speaker risk assessment and policy used by Waltham Forest College, Leyton 6th Form College and Sir George Monoux 6th Form College


Generic Safeguarding Toolkit (risk assessment) for the FE Sector Wales


Examples of current practice embedding or covering Prevent in policies

Kirklees College Safeguarding guidance 2015-16 - A General FE Safeguarding policy

WYLP Safeguarding Prevent Guide - An independent learning provider's Safeguarding Guide

WYLP Safeguarding Policy- An independent learning provider's Safeguarding Policy

Bradford College Safeguarding Policy - A general FE's safeguarding policy updated to implement the Prevent Duty.

Wolverhampton Adult Education Safeguarding policy - An Adult Education safeguarding policy updated to integrate the Prevent Duty.

Sample Safeguarding Policy - A generic safeguarding policy for all parts of the sector which integrates the Prevent Duty.

Lettings Policy  Redbridge Adult Education College lettings policy updated to include the Prevent duty

Multi-faith room usage policy from John Leggott Sixth From College

Information Sharing Protocol Template developed by Birmingham City Council

Information Sharing Protocol  used by Redbridge Adult Education Institute


Camden Council British Values poster - A poster developed by Camden Council for adult learners to explain British Values. This could be used for all age groups.

Leaflet setting out safer giving advice for Syria in English also available in other languages at the Safer Giving Website

A poster which raises awareness of the impact of extremism on family and friends

Safe charitable giving poster  - English - A charitable giving poster developed by the Charity Commission and the Mosques and Iman's National Advisory Board in English.

Safer charitable giving poster - Arabic - A charitable giving poster developed by the Charity Commission and the Mosques and Iman's National Advisory Board in Arabic.

The Channel Programme and FE providers (London) - A leaflet explaining the Channel and Prevent Programmes with a flowchart. This was developed in London and makes reference to London but the system is similar throughout the country.

Other organisations

HATE CRIME: A guide for those affected: for victims of hate crime published by Community Security Trust, Tell MAMA, The Crown Prosecution Service and the Department for Communities and Local Government
Prevent, Police and Colleges document: National Police Chiefs' Council

Managing Far Right Activity Toolkit - This is a substantial toolkit developed to support local authorities in dealing with Far Right activity. This may be of use to FE providers but it was written for local authorities.

The Free Initiative A series of videos and a handbook to support providers in challenging right-wing extremism

  1. Far-right extremism - why should we be concerned?
  2. Far-right extremism - the human face
  3. Far-right extremism - policing the far-right
  4. Far-right extremism - we need exit programmes
  5. Far-right extremism - how to approach extremists
  6. Far-right extremism - speaking against prejudice
  7. Far-right extremism - empowering targeted communities
  8. Far-right extremism - online extremism

Imans online - This organisation provides blogs and information about Islam in the UK.

Haqiqah What is the Truth Behind ISIS - Ḥaqīqāh has bought together senior Islamic Scholars from Britain to provide scholarly contributions focused specifically on educating young Muslims about the reality of extremist movements. This may be of interest to students or to practitioners.

GOT project, Cardiff: GOT has developed teaching and CPD resources to use in school and post 16 settings. These have been developed in Cardiff for the Welsh education system.


Case Studies

Providers taking on the Prevent Duty:

Individuals who have been drawn into extremism:

  • Hasib Hussain (7/7 suicide bomber) - The boy who didn't stand out
  • Ian Davison (Ricin plot) - Neo-Nazi Ian Davison jailed for 10 years for making chemical weapon
  • Neil Lewington - Neo-Nazi jailed for planning racist bombing campaign
  • Younes Tsouli (Cyber Terrorist).

Individuals and Prevent:

  • Far right extremism - A case study of a young man drawn into right wing extremism and supported out of extremism through Prevent and Channel processes.


Redbridge Prevent strategy -Prevent strategy developed by an adult and community learning provider.

Radicalisation Extremism Prevent Strategy - A Prevent strategy developed by Stoke on Trent College, a general FE college.